Final Hour

He’s throwing his hands up to the sky

How many more ways are there to say this

He’s wondering how many more times

Will we all bear witness

Close Textual analysis describes the subject in depth – it asks how the subject in question functions as well as what makes it work. The bonus track “final hour” continues the message that the album discusses, more specifically the song in particular allows the audience to question themselves similar to Dan. In this blog post I will analyze the overall message and theme than Bastille lays behind the lyrics.

He’s throwing his hands up to the sky

How many more ways are there to say this?

He’s wondering how many more times will we all bear witness

And cant you feel the temperature rising?

‘Cause we’ve never felt a heat like this before

This lyric mentions rising temperatures of Earth. As is a common theme in “Wild World”, Dan shares his shock of what is happening throughout the world. He sings this question to those who do not believe in global warming, asking them if they feel the increase in temperature. Sure temperature can be taken literally, but it also represents pressure. We can see that it is a fact that global warming; science can tell us that. Can’t you see it? Can you feel the pressure? We’ve never felt a heat like this: we’ve never dealt with an administration that completely dismisses critical topics.

Likewise, as stated in a sample featured in an earlier track, “Way Beyond”:

“Television viewers have the choice of watching the tragedy play out from the seating and comfort of their living rooms.”

* * * *

Would it keep you awake if the waters rise and took your house away?

Would it keep you awake if the gun you love was turned at you one day?

It’s always you standing in our way

It’s always you that is leading us astray


The mention of different sorts of tragedies adds to the weight of Bastille’s overarching question. It is common that people only care about certain events if they are the ones affected by it, in this case natural disasters and gun violence.

Then he opens up his question to the floor

Would it keep you awake?

If it all just didn’t seem so far away?

‘Cause it keeps me awake

Trying to work this out until my dying day

Often, events and tragedies featured on the news are essentially a screen. It is so separate from the “real world,” and as such, seems far away. This reasoning is common amongst people when they are unaware or apathetic about world events.

The lyrics in this specific track are relatable in a way that captures the emotion of the reader. It is easy to relate to the pressure of wanting to be aware and involved in the events that concern our world. For me, knowing gives me anxiety because I am constantly thinking about what our country is like and what that will mean for the future. I don’t think I would be able to live with myself if I didn’t care. I care about a lot of things. I cannot understand the concept of not watching the news because it freaks you out because simply not knowing would freak me out even more. This is what I can only imagine how Dan feels. Dan reveals in his lyrics that the posing questions do keep him up at night; he often attempts to figure out a solution to the wild world around him.

It’s such a big wheel to try and turn

But in his final hour it’s worth it… 

Come on, come on

Don’t stop running with me

Come on, come on

Don’t stop running


Note: Unfortunately, because this track is a bonus track I was unable to find audio online without infringing some sort of copyright law. Apologies!



8 thoughts on “Final Hour

  1. I guess I am going to have to break me some copyright law to hear this song! Sounds interesting. I always enjoy reading your posts and I completely agree with you. Although it can suck to hear some of the terrible things we may hear on the news, it’s good to stay “informed.”

    Reason I put “informed” is because the media can sometimes alter or frame stories in a way that can shape our perception on the reality of the situation :/ No bueno, pinches cabrones.

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